GWB 10K Challenge was definitely one of highlights of my weekend. I was able to really see how far I could push myself — and I think that after every race I accomplish (without stopping) I feel even more motivated to run an even longer distance! 

I ended the race with the unofficial time of 1:02. If only I sped down that hill faster towards the end! 

I realized Sunday why there are so many people that devote a lot of their time to running these races. It’s fulfilling in so many aspects — mind, body, spirit. People are super friendly at these events, and it’s so easy to chat with a stranger about their goals and reasons for racing. It’s so nice to see so many people gathering around to support a cause that they believe in. I wanted to give a high five to the lady wearing the “Cancer Survivor” shirt running in front of me! And the scenery was so beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, the company refreshing. A nice change of pace, and a breath of fresh air from the fast paced, always disorganized, never satisfying day at work with school. 

4 more wake ups! 

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