Just finished this book within 2 days and yes, I am in love. It’s usually a struggle for me to find a good book that I can complete envelop myself in. I usually find my mind wandering to the laptop, wondering if I’m missing out on something that I can access quickly and easily; or I’m just lazy and don’t want to completely focus on one thing at a time. Damn my proclivity to multitask. But, lately, the internet has been a bit of a lull, and my Kindle needs to get some use out if it.

The beginning of the book was a bit of a drag, mainly because there are so many characters to keep track of. Who the heck is Sophie, Sidney (is that a girl or a boy), Susan, and why do they all start with S’s? The Dawsey letter was what got me hooked, and I immediately wanted to know more about this stranger who sounded so earnest in describing his love for Charles Lamb, and what did the roast pig have anything to do with the title of the book??

Juliet Ashton is witty, endearing, genuine, and I love her no nonsense attitude. Her description of Guernsey makes me want to visit the Channel Islands, and be friends with all the characters of the Society. I want to take care of Kit, and befriend Isobel and her quirkiness, and fall quietly in love with Dawsey. I wonder if Mary Ann Shaffer purposely made his name sound so close to Darcy, and Elizabeth’s name because of Bennett. Elizabeth McKenna is definitely my heroine, and I wish Shaffer (who sounds like an amazing woman from what I read in the afterward) was still alive to make another novel about her!!  

Now, I’m on a roll, and need more recommendations for good reads!

On a side note: Why are there so many spelling errors in my Kindle version of this book???? I swear, every single page had a missing period, or a misspelled word. It was such a distraction to my reading.

  1. nickelyo said: Don’t know if it’s your cup of tea, but I just finished reading the Mistborn series by Bran Sanderson, and it was pretty good.
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