It feels that whenever I step into my classroom I feel as if I have ten thousand things I need to do, and when I take that step out, I have ten thousand more things that pop into my head. Spent the entire day from 9 till 6 working in my class — it didn’t feel like that long though. Once I got on track and in the zone, the time just flew by as I thought of more and more ideas that could come into fruition. 

Here are some brief pictures of what I have so far, and there will be plenty more to come. On a side note, Pinterest has got to be the best invention there ever was — as well as teacher blogs and forums. Thank you, internet for giving me the ability to be creative and save money at the same time. And, thank you dollar store for simply existing and being so nice to teachers. 

I know I saw this somewhere on Pinterest — but hanging your student work with clothespins saves lots of time and effort! It may be difficult to open up the window, though, so I may have to reconsider this cute idea. 

I have no idea what purpose this will serve except for the fact that it looks very cool. Perhaps I will finally give out candy as a reward…maybe. 

One dollar dish racks for filing folders is ingenious. I can’t believe I spent $50+ on the Staples file folder holders. Now, I don’t know what to do with them!

My room is very long…it gets quite tiring walking from one end to the other. I considered moving all the chairs/tables to the windows, but they would all have to strain their necks to see the ActiveBoard. Maybe I can ask for a whiteboard near the windows one of these days. 

I love the pencil cases — Students who don’t have their supplies will need to take off their shoe (wondering if I really want smelly feet) if they want to borrow a pencil case which includes everything they will need. 

Pinterest inspired board that will (hopefully) save me a lot of work this year! The plan is to give the students a homework assignment to find a picture that relates to whatever topic we are currently learning (i.e. the scientific method, matter, Earth processes). Hopefully, this will be a good hook/intro to a new unit. 

And, I love the design of this planner! Perfect for updating what I want to teach for the whole month, as well as writing down preliminary lesson plans on the long columns before I type them on Googledocs. AND, it has a “Notes” page at the end, as well as a Folder to keep all your wonderful paperwork. I am a sucker for fun organization things. Downside: it cost me a lot of money. :( 

And….to top it all off — here is my list to be completed…and there’s still more to be added! I guess now I should probably get working on my actual lessons! If only they had a job for organizing classrooms — AND I get to shop for fun storage/organization materials for FREE. That would be pretty awesome. 

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