So I checked my e-mail today, and was ecstatic when I came upon an email that said Vistaprint has some FREE stuff today including small banners, t-shirt, magnets….and I was scrolling through the poster designs and thinking of something I could make for my classroom — came up with this. ONLY thing is…the shipping was $5.99 (which I forgot was always included), so I decided not to go for it. I might just print this out on a color printer and laminate it, though.

I also spent about 15 dollars (it was late at night!!) on some classroom Science Weekly Fives for some station ideas I want to incorporate in my classroom this year. I bought the Intro the Science Stations, Science Content Station Pack, Properties of Matter, and Science Weekly Five Start up Kit. I think that last one will probably be the most helpful, and I can use the others for some start up ideas.

Vistaprint NOT SO FREE poster:

Also, here are some cute font titles that I used for my website:


Aghhh…a week before school starts!! Please let this week go by slowly. =[

Teachers out there, what are some first day NameTag ideas that you use? I have 6 classes, and would like to think of a way to fit all their names VISIBLY and conveniently in one place. I have used post it notes, and taped index cards in the past, but they always somehow get ruined.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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